3 Reasons why you need customized PeopleSoft Automation

As the time passes, there will be numerous alterations to designations, jobs, responsibilities, and more. Are you assured that PeopleSoft automation tools can survive the same?

With many automated testing tools, especially even from PeopleSoft, readily available in the market, many companies are safely giving the slip to the customizations of such software. Everyone is aware that each of the five fingers is unique. Similarly, no two companies will ever be the identical, even if they are in the same industry. There will be several modifications in designations, jobs, responsibilities, and more as the days pass. Are you certain that PeopleSoft automation tools will be able to withstand the same?

Read on to find out why customization of PeopleSoft is the need of the hour.


It is known that PeopleSoft 9.2 was released sometime in 2015 and Oracle keeps on rolling out the critical patches to cover up its pitfalls. When someone purchases the regular automated software and implements the same, it would be tough to cope-up with the performance or any unwanted situation due to lagging or crashing of the software. So, it is highly advisable not to go with the automated PeopleSoft application. Instead, always opt for companies like Kastech that will customize your software in line with the needs of your organization.

Testing is Neglected

Testing is often neglected in many companies. It is assumed that testing is the last step after the software is built. Since it is an automated procedure (when you do not go with customization), software developers push their latest tool to a tester when they are exhausted. This can be a risky affair. Testing is as crucial as developing software. It needs the right planning, strategy and creating test plan documents. Kastech offers customized PeopleSoft testing plans that will help your software to be consistent even during heavy load.

Say No to Generic Testing Tools

Do you know that automated testing tools are often generic? Also, when you change the name of a label or when you move a document to some other folder, the tool will get confused and troubles you. To avoid such a scenario, it is always advisable to go with a customized version of PeopleSoft testing tools. We at Kastech provide customized PeopleSoft testing that gives zero scope to error. Once the product is ready for launch, it should never face any difficulty that would tarnish the credibility of a company. Hence, switch to a customized PeopleSoft testing today.