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Mobile App Development

Kastech is the leading mobile app development company, which has made its presence felt in USA, Dubai and India. With a strong client base in these countries, we are the one of the most trusted names. The best talent in the industry work for Kastech and we do not compromise on work ethics and deliverables. We are obsessed with quality and therefore we build cutting edge apps that shoot your company to limelight at one shot.

Senior rank business analysts, engineer and UX specialists together form our mobile development team. They have expertise in native and cross platform apps.

Key Areas of Mobile Development Expertise


Software development is in the DNA of the Kastech. We have critically acclaimed software developers who use almost all latest techniques build the app in such as way that can withstand a hacking attempts. We would even give you the option for you to customize the design of the app.


Our team would sit with you to discuss ideas, jot down your expectations and chalk out a strategy that will be beneficial to the company for years ahead. Based on the same ideas and the industry you are in, we would build the apps.

UX and UI Design:

Our designers are here by choice. Right from prototype to fluid design, our designers will experiment with every single interface before they present before you for the final sign off. Our apps have stellar visual appeal and catch the user attention right away.


Now say good-bye to the apps that lag and eat your time and memory as we at Kastech roll out mobile apps that are steadfast and consumes less space. Our geeks work round the clock and test every functionality to avoid hiccups to the end users.


Right from taking your app to the store to its success, we stay with you. Once you are at Kastech, we take care of every step right from app building to its launch. Even after the launch, we would add advanced features if required and fix bugs, in case of any glitches.

Why Kastech?

Mobile testing automation

We have a test lab that can test dozens of devices. This will help us identify the practical problems of the app such as responsiveness, consumption of extra space etc. We have a special automation framework in place to make this happen. The mobile testing automation will cut the cost of the clients as they won’t be required to run around at a later point to solve the problem.


Kastech will help you integrate the app with the web or any device without any extra effort. A specially designed plugin will be made available with which you can even integrate the third-party services on your app as per your needs.

Client Centric

Kastech is a client centric organization. A client will be above everything at our place. This policy will make you get the best output as our professionals are never reluctant to listen to you. On top of it, our business analysts will get in touch with you regularly on business matters too to make the deal smoother.

Wider Reach

We have a strong client base across the globe predominantly in the United States. This made us understand how businesses work in different part of the regions. Based on your business, we can decide the target users and build apps accordingly. Also, your app will enjoy limelight when it comes from our factory.


Kastech is expert when it comes to digital marketing too. Our digital marketing executives know how to promote the apps across various social media platforms. We also provide backlinks of your app if required to increase the number of installations of the app.

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