Enhancing User Experience with Customized Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality solutions

Future is KASTECH – KASTECH is future

While people fret over future we believe in redefining the rules of the game and if possible overrule it. Our core strength of making our clients future ready augments us well in paving the way with our ground breaking work in augmented virtual reality.
At the intersection of academic research in Augmented & Virtual Reality and customized commercial applications, KASTECH designs and deploys elegant technology solutions in the fields of education, healthcare, consumer goods, manufacturing, real estate, architecture, travel, and industrial processes.

What Do We Offer?

We offer customized virtual reality or augmented reality solutions in number of deliverable applications.

Fast solutions, partnering public sector development

In Academia

We offer scalable, new and interesting solutions to higher education institutions, K-12 systems, as well as overseas learning communities. The applications are cutting edge, exciting, and revolutionize traditional learning patterns, and methods of delivery.

In Real Estate

The remote, three-dimensional nature of the industry, makes for convenient, economical, yet sophisticated applications in sales, brokerage, real estate investment trusts, site development, in both the commercial and retail spaces.

In Healthcare

Augmented and Virtual Reality can be applied to the fields of surgery, tele-medicine, classroom environments, global remote environments, as well as classic on site hospital settings.

In Manufacturing & Industrial Applications

AVR yields phenomenal productivity gains with remote access, corporate training, technical training, sales training, sales environments, in addition to both standard maintenance or research and development.

Our Focus Areas

We are focused to offer customized Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality solutions in a number of deliverable applications:

  • 2D augmented reality, 3D virtual reality, consumer immersion, computer aided design ( CAD )
  • Mobile applications, on-site learning centers, proprietary environments
  • Learning modules for K-12 and higher education systems
  • Corporate consulting, corporate training packages, sales teams enhancement
  • Public Sector technology solutions, on-demand private sector Research & Development
  • Consulting, project design, project management, full turn-key implementation


We believe excitement is the virtue which make things happen and AVR gives us that thrill and zeal to make a distant dream possible today.
It is very easy to announce or recognize the need for being a part of the leading edge of technology, but the questions are,
Why? When? & How?

The three biggest obstacles usually are:

  • Getting started with an approved plan
  • Finishing with world- class deliverables and
  • Ensuring that the entire institution is aligned with a common intent with measurable outcomes.

Fortunately, our leadership team constitutes of experienced professionals that have helped and partnered with institutions to overcome these obstacles.

Seeing is believing, hence we would like to share with you, the KASTECH showroom experience that offers full conceptual design of an enterprise or an organization VR & AVR showroom, designed to showcase the products and services marketed by our clients.

Our showroom based in Houston, Texas is equipped with state of the art infrastructure and technology, loaded with 20,000 programs that can provide you a three-dimensional animation and projection, mixed reality elements and environments, tactile hands on experiences of AVR with a hand pen and stereoscopic glasses.

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If you are looking for AVR solutions, you are advised to contact us on (832) 651 4843. We would get back to you to guide you more about AVR and how Kastech’s AVR services would streamline your business.