Project Management Systems(PMS)

A cutting edge technology that change the way projects are managed


With many project management systems confusing the budding entrepreneurs, it is often a challenge to make a concrete decision as to which PMS will better suit the business. No matter how big or small the organizational set up is, the efficient PMS is the one that keep things rolling.

Having understood the need of such efficient PMS that will not just be any other software- where one will be struck between contentment and confusion- Kastech has rolled out what we define industry’s elite PMS. All the required information will be made available on the dash board for the end-user to get the comprehensive picture of the tasks and the progress of a particular task.

Project Management Systems Features

  • User-friendly
  • Option to create task by customer
  • Option to create multiple users
  • Can track the status of the task
  • Option to assign tasks to individual team members by administrator
  • Automated email triggering
  • Gantt charts for comprehensive picture of the task
  • Activity tracking

Project Management Systems Benefits

  • Cost-efficient
  • Reduce the time and efforts by eliminating email chains
  • Better transparency compared to conventional models
  • Email updates when task is modified
  • Aims at seamless business operation
  • Comments that helps to understand progress
  • Improved customer satisfaction

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