Performance Testing (JMETER)

Identifying the Pitfalls for Seamless System Response


To access the production readiness is an import activity to be performed while planning an upgrade or introducing a new business process. The objective of the testing tool is to check the system response time during expected and unexpected load conditions and access system behavior for scalability. Also validate the configuration settings and identify the pit falls.

As part of the activity, using the tool, compare two platforms with same software to see which performs better and evaluate systems against performance criteria. Post discovery, provide the report with which parts of the application performed poorly and under what conditions along with recommendations.

Performance Testing Features

  • Obtain baseline performance profile for the PeopleSoft systems
  • Ensure the PeopleSoft applications have adequate capacity to support the user loads
  • Confirm web servers, application servers, database server and subsystems are configured for optimal performance
  • Validate the available CPU capacity is adequate to meet the transient load during peak load periods
  • Provide recommended changes based on Oracle best practice and our experience in providing this type of service quickly
  • Identify on-line stress points or system bottlenecks where application performance degrades to an unacceptable level

Performance Testing Benefits

  • Early detection of People Tools defects
  • Provide confidence that the system would work under loads
  • Identified and resolved the cause of the performance bottleneck
  • Resolve issues such as not being able to install PeopleSoft performance monitor
  • Tuning recommendations for the application to meet the expected number of users without any performance issues
  • Tests are easy to repeat with simulated loads, making the process a more straightforward activity, delivering results quickly

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