Parking Management System

Redefining the way parking system functions


When everything is digitalized, why not the parking system? Take maximum advantage of Katech’s Parking Management System (PMS) by optimizing your vehicles in real time. You can now publish the live status of the parking spaces that can be connected to internet of things (IoT). A customer can get the information about parking spaces on his mobile.

PMS also helps companies create new business models based on the customer data. All parking spaces, vehicles parked will just be a single click away with Parking Management System. This is an ideal software for hotels, parking operators, hospitals, universities and shopping malls.

Parking Management System Features

  • Display of live status of parking spaces
  • Every vendor will be given a 2 inch mobile device based for day to day operations
  • Providing information about parking fees to customers
  • Capturing the face, license and number plate of driver at entry and exit
  • Automated fee generation
  • Fool proof security
  • Number plate recognition
  • Access card based parking for regular customers
  • Real time counting of vehicles

Parking Management System Benefits

  • Cut down the high labor costs involved in manual checking of vehicles
  • Achieve higher customer satisfaction by eliminating the waiting time
  • Avoids unauthorized access to the parking lot
  • Security alarming in case of unauthorized access or untoward incident
  • Generate cloud-based daily, weekly, quarterly and annual reports
  • High revenue based system
  • Generation of daily, monthly and yearly statistical reports

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