World-class Human Resource Management Tool


Power packed Human resource (HR) management tool for small and medium-sized enterprises which is easy to setup and flexible to configure with an intuitive interface, envelops the most efficient human resource modules and features and offers a slew of features that are flexible and customizable to organizational needs.

Allows the administrators to configure the settings that reflect unique workflow to establish and maintain consistency throughout the application. The employee and site configurations contain all the features that are essential for effective human resource management. If you are just starting down the road to manage your HR process and are looking for a HRIS system, Konnect is the right fit.

Konnect Features

  • Fully equipped performance appraisal module helps you to assess your employee’s overall performance over a specific period of time and empowers you to define and build your own appraisal process
  • Manage holiday groups, determine leave management options and define employee configurations; all in one placequickly
  • Maintain roles and privileges for various employee groups within your organization
  • Easy access to employee information thru master data management (MDM)
  • Comprehensive series of analytics that represent broad range of features graphically pertaining to key activities in the system and define long term and short-term goals to set the course for your organization
  • Configure and manage HR data using a fully-featured flexible solution that can be customized to your organizational requirements
  • Generate customizable reports to view and/or export into excels and /or PDFs

Konnect Benefits

  • Whole suite of solutions catering to important HR functions like Attendance, Recruitment, Performance, Self-service, Timesheets, On boarding etc
  • Simpler and easy to use with minimal training and functional expertise
  • Making life easy for HR and Operational staff with one stop solutions with asset management, travel and expense management
  • Rich in features and lean in pricing compared to other products with flexible offerings and models

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