Bridging the gap between vendors and customers


iKonnect is a SAP certified product of Kastech designed for vendors to collaborate their activities with customers. It’s a java based platform wherein even customers can send across the sales quotation and download the invoices.

Built on SAP framework, iKonnect is a java based platform that has two primary modules for customers and vendors respectively. It services as a plug and play bolt on between SAP ERP system and environment. Right from downloadable datasheets to deliveries and invoices, everything is readily available at one place that's sure to make the buying experience hassle-free.

Benefits of iKonnect

  • Reduces time of the seller
  • Helps in cost cutting for vendors
  • Buying experience made hassle-free
  • Highly secured based on existing SAP ERP implementation
  • Status reports for vendors
  • Helps exchange messages between vendors and buyers
  • Increased accuracy for vendors and buyers

iKonnect Features

  • Seamless integration
  • Downloadable data sheets and order catalogues for sellers
  • Easy view of sales quotations, sales orders, deliveries and invoices
  • Timely email notifications
  • Sellers can send orders to customers
  • Secure
  • Java based platform

For more information about this product

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