Kastech Asset Management System(KAMS)

Maintenance of Day to Day Operations Made Easy


Kastech Asset Management System(KAMS) is designed to proactively track, manage and facilitate all the physical assets that are used to perform day-to-day operations of businesses in a systematic process without errors.

Our Asset Management System helps you make well-informed business decisions about your physical assets. KAMS optimizes the allocation of your assets for a greater return on investment.

Kastech's Asset Management System Highlights

  • User-friendly application
  • Track assets by categories
  • Mobile-friendly for asset updates on the go
  • Easily see which assets are assigned, to whom, and their physical location
  • Integrates with most QR code reader apps
  • Generate QR code labels for easy mobile access and labels
  • Assets marked as requestable can be requested by a user
  • Assets retain full history including checkouts, checkins and maintenance
  • Add your own custom fields for additional asset attributes
  • Easily import and export assets
  • Quick and easy asset auditing

Kastech's Asset Management System Benefits

  • Optimize your use of existing assets
  • Enables Asset Recovery
  • Improve Customer Service
  • Real Time Asset Management
  • Increase Productivity and Reduce Labor Waste
  • Allows Maintenance Tracking
  • Streamline Maintenance Schedules
  • Ensure Regulatory Compliance
  • Ensure Accuracy and Peace of Mind
  • Avoid Unnecessary Repair and Maintenance Costs

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