PeopleSoft rolls out a key update to Absence Requests & Approvals

Oracle has released an update to its PeopleSoft Absence Request and Approval system.

Are you an employee who uses PeopleSoft HCM to submit leave requests? Ever entered a leave request and wanted to cancel the same, and was unable to do it? There are many out there who faced similar tricky situations wherein they ended up submitting the leave requests either in error or changed their minds later.

To address this issue, Oracle has rolled out an add-on feature to its existing PeopleSoft Absence Request and Approval, a module within the Human Capital Management (HCM).

As per the new modification, an end user can now cancel the leave request that he/she submitted at any given point of time. What if the manager approves your request? Well, you cannot directly cancel a request in such scenario. Nevertheless, the new patch enables you to submit a leave cancellation request.

Don’t you want this fantastic add-on to be installed at your organization? Do it right away.

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