5 Ways to improve Cyber Security for SMEs

Small firms must focus on developing efficient cyber security measures to protect their businesses.

When it comes to cyber-attacks, small businesses are always in the vulnerable zone. While concentrating more on improving their business, many entry-level entrepreneurs choose to skip the cyber-security. In fact, the infamous ransomware took a toll on the small businesses.

It is the need of the hour for small businesses to focus on securing their businesses with efficient cyber security tools. Below are four security tips that entrepreneurs must adhere to.

1.Run a Cyber Security Risk Assessment

Draft a document with all the assessment data and management plan designed to fight against these attacks.

A Typical management plan will include:

  • All inventories details of the organization
  • Support teams and technical panel members
  • Guidelines and security procedures
  • Backing up disaster recovery plan
  • Optimizing and recovery plan

2. Educating Team

The team members should be trained about cyber security and necessary guidelines should be in place regarding the internet usage. In the absence of such policies, a user can end up clicking a phishing link.

3. Have a Recovery Plan and Create Backups

Maintain regular data backup on all computers. Critical data includes word documents, spreadsheets, databases, financial files, human resources documents, and accounts receivable/payable documents. Automatic Backup data is preferable or at least weekly and store the copies either off-site or in the cloud.

4. Update System with Patches and enable Firewall

Every machine should be updated with security softwares such as firewall, antivirus and malware software. The updates include security patches that are released periodically by the antivirus companies. One must ensure that firewall is never turned off.