Data Privacy Compliance, PII, and PeopleSoft

To ensure GDPR compliance, organisations are actively implementing changes and customizations to PeopleSoft and other ERP software.

With General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that ensures complete privacy of the individual’s data and personal information, organizations are now busy indulging in modifications and customizations for ensuring that PeopleSoft and other ERP software are GDPR compliance.

Notably, GDPR has come to effect on May 25, 2018. Given that this regulation has been in the pipeline for quite some time, even PeopleSoft kept a few unique capabilities that govern the data privacy in the queue although it had earlier released few patches thru HCM images.

Now that GDPR is around the corner, PeopleSoft is likely to release all the significant modifications for data protection soon.

Before we get into the details of how PeopleSoft modules will comply with data privacy in line with GDPR, it is essential to understand what PII is. Personally Identifiable Information or PII is data/ information maintained by public or private agencies to identify or trace an individual. New GDPR regulations will stress that this PII should be masked unless otherwise.

What does GDPR aim at?

Privacy Policy: Companies must respect the individual’s data and that they must not be released unless otherwise (only for legitimate purpose). All the data, whether online or on paper, must be dealt with confidentiality in case it has information about the employees. It protects PII and asks agencies to mask it.

Consent of Employees: During the joining process, it is mandatory for every company to provide easily understandable forms to employees that seek their approval on how and why the collection of such data is required and will be used only on their strict consent.

Employee Right to Access: The regulation ensures that every individual must be provided equal rights to have access to their information and how their data is being used.

Right to Request for Deletion: Once the new regulation comes to force, employees will be able to request the companies to delete their information entirely from their systems.

Portability: Employees will have the right to demand the companies to provide their data in electronic form as the same can be carried to the new employers.

How PeopleSoft’s Updates Will Comply with GDPR?

Starting with the recent release in the form of HCM 9.2 images, PeopleSoft already made some critical changes to its security features. Further, it is all decked up to release even more patches to ensure that all its modules are in line with the new regulation. Here are some of the expected features anticipated to bolt-on all PeopleSoft products.

Profound Spreadsheet: The current spreadsheet that is found in PeopleSoft modules does not provide any special feature to help identify the sensitive information/personally identifiable information (PII). Also, the current version is focused on EU countries alone as GDPR governs the European Union; therefore, it does not contain some of the features such as Payroll, Benefits Administration, and many more.

Online Data Masking: The new version of PeopleSoft will allow the administrators to mask candidate’s personally identifiable information (PPI). This would include masking or scramble information such as date of birth. It is, again the choice of an employee, to ask whether year can be masked or scrambled.

Optional Delete: PeopleSoft modules had this option to delete the unwanted information. However, the new patch will enhance this feature enabling the administrators to delete the complete or partial information, as suggested by an employee.

Archive Manager: Data Archive Manager Functionality is also in place already in all PeopleSoft products. This feature will be further enhanced that will remove the heaps of existing old data from the server.

Data Portability: Even this option that was made available in PeopleSoft will be enhanced to further comply with the GDPR regulation.

If you are under EU and wanting to customize your PeopleSoft applications with the recent release of HCM 9.2, you should contact businesses like Kastech right away to verify that your PeopleSoft modules are not only excellent, but also legal.