Oracle rolls out Soar to Soar its Cloud Business

Oracle has created a one-of-a-kind solution that will revolutionize how people migrate from traditional servers to Oracle Cloud.

ERP major Oracle has released the unique tool that is set to change the way migration is done from regular servers to Oracle Cloud. Christened as Oracle Soar, it is an automated tool that is helpful in the comprehensive lift and shift of your data without any hassles. Addressing the media, Oracle representatives have said that Oracle’s customers who are looking forward to availing cloud services can opt for Oracle Soar.

The best part of Oracle Soar is that one need not depend on third-party software such as Cloud Endure, Racemi, Alibaba Stack Up etc. Soar will streamline the data migration with ease. Customers can track the status of their migration by just logging into the specific mobile app provided exclusively for Oracle customers.

To those who are not sure as to how to use the Soar, Oracle is imparting free technical education on implementing Soar from Oracle University.

Also, customers-post opting Soar services-are entitled to receive the support from Oracle for a period of one year added Oracle representatives.

Oracle Soar comprises four elements—discovery assessment, process analyzer, automated data, and configuration management. All these steps are semi-automated, just that the user needs to configure and follow the remaining steps to see his data being migrated to Oracle Cloud within a few days/weeks depending on the volume of the data. However, the consultation process is involved in it. Apparently, Oracle would make Soar a complete automated tool in near future.

With Amazon Web Services giving tough competition to Oracle in cloud services, Oracle is undoubtedly taking a giant leap by adding yet another feather in its cap. Now that Oracle Soar is in place, opting for Oracle Cloud will presumably look meritorious for customers. Anyway, let us wait with crossed fingers to know if Soar will have an edge over the big names in the industry.