Top 5 Benefits of the Data Warehouse

Learn why companies are leaning toward data warehouses.

Data Warehouse creates significant momentum amongst all IT companies as Business Intelligence (BI) of any firm would depend on DW. Even as one needs to fork out a few extra bucks to switch to DW, optimism abounds when the benefits of the same are unveiled. Presenting you the rational reasoning behind companies tilting towards Data Warehouse.

Date Warehouse Helps save Time:

Aimed at streamlining the complex operations of any company, Data Warehouse saves considerable time and efforts. Now overthrow the need of getting the information from the multiple databases for taking a concrete decision. With the help of DW, managers, and others holding pivotal portfolios need not depend on IT department to generate information reports.

Data Warehouse Pitches at Historical Intelligence:

Given the limitations in getting the historical data, Business Analysts might find it difficult to arrive at a concrete decision about a particular task or subject. Data Warehouse is undoubtedly a boon to everyone in managerial ranks. Data Warehouse will retrieve the key information from different trends and timelines so that BAs can make timely decisions.

Data Warehouse Generates Higher ROI:

Higher Return on Investment (ROI) is surely in your carts when Data Warehouse is at your company. A study conducted by IDC has revealed that the average ROI of DW is above the industry average. It also enumerated that at least 60% of companies that handled BW projects had paybacks within two years. However, micro DWs with less than 200GB excelled in terms of ROI when compared to giant Data Warehouses. Also, DWs set up to support operations and engineering had witnessed higher ROI.

Data Warehouse Enhances Accuracy:

Every department, which is dependent on DW, will produce results that are easily understandable to the other department, making the data more accurate. Needless to mention that it will lead to better business decisions.

Data Warehouse Enhances Business Intelligence:

Data and Business Intelligence are interdependent. When the efficient Data Warehouses—that collect the data from different sources in real-time—are in place, managers and business analysts will make the decisions not on their intuition but based on the credibility and facts.

Now that you are aware of the benefits of Data Warehouse, get ready to switch to Data Warehouse right away!