AVR–All set to enhance Teaching Experience

Many things have been influenced by new developments and altering education to make a difference in students' lives is one of them.

“A good teacher, like a good entertainer, first must hold his audience’s attention, then he can teach his lesson.”- John Henrik Clarke

Over the years, technology has transformed many things and even changed the way students are being taught at schools and colleges. Earlier, it was just limited to books, and teachers understood how essential it is to impart the right practical education. Netbooks replaced notebooks and every single aspect became digital. Is that all enough? Is this the right time to take knowledge to the next level? Yes, is the answer to these questions and we have AR, VR, and AVR to bear that burden of transforming the education.

Before we move on to discuss further, let us understand what AR, VR, and AVR are all about and how they enhance the teaching experience and learning methodology.

Augmented Reality (AR)

It’s the ability of a machine to mix the real world with that of virtual images to give an unmatched experience to the end-user. For instance, a science teacher can help students explain the anatomy of the human body more engagingly. Similarly, the components of an electronic device can be better explained with the help of augmented reality lens.

Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual reality functions in a similar way as augmented reality, but there is no connection to the real world. When an individual wears a VR headset, consisting of two lenses held close to the eyes to create a 3D vision, he will experience a virtual world. In virtual reality, the user will navigate the virtual environment. Students can wear virtual reality lens to have a walkthrough of a particular subject or can go through a lecture in a better way.

Augmented Virtual Reality (AVR)

After deciding the importance of AR and VR, you might want to make it an integral part of your educational institution. How does that transformation happen? Also, in case AR and VR are out of reach given the expenses involved in it, is there any alternative to come closer to AR & VR? We at Kastech never want any questions to remain rhetoric, and we addressed it timely. Every student may benefit from AR and VR in a more convenient and cost-effective way with the help of augmented virtual reality. AVR consists of building 3D applications, 2D models, and computer-aided designs to deliver an enhanced teaching experience.

We have a team of AVR professionals who create the AVR content and integrate it to your existing platforms if any. We also have AVR learning modules for higher education systems.

AVR is the next big thing that can transform the way education is being taught to students. Switch to AVR today.

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It is the time for your company to switch to Augmented Virtual Reality to make a difference and achieve higher ROI.