Hello All, this is Suresh Katamreddy, Founder & COO at Kastech Software Solutions Group.

I hope all of you are safe in the current ongoing situation regarding Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).

We understand that businesses are currently going through a transformation of finding new ways to continue their operations.

Whether that's day to day production environment support, necessary enhancements, or outdated processes and procedures that need to be automated for the business to survive.

We at Kastech just wanted to let you know you are not alone, and we have been running a heavily remote operation for more than a decade.

Things here are business as usual even while we listen to the news outlets and have decided not go into our physical offices until further notice. All our 450 employees are fully equipped and simply working remotely. Again, business is moving as usual and we are all here for each one of our clients, colleagues, and friends as we run "essential services" to keep the lights on through application managed services or automated business operations.

While the world is in survival mode and trying to not fall into a recession or worse a depression, we all have a role to play, come together, and find new ways to transform our businesses to continue our operations.

Our leadership team has been listening to the market and understands that businesses across the globe are trying to keep their employee's and family's health and safety as their number 1 priority, while finding new and cost-effective ways to continue operations.

We are still taking on new clients and have been on-boarding several customers to the Kastech Family over the past few weeks. Our teams are as busy as ever and if you are looking for new opportunities feel free to contact me directly.

Our remote customer success & delivery teams are ready to act with agility and provide the right support strategy given the current situation. We are here to help and partner with you as your business goes down this journey.

Please stay safe and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

  • Sincerely,
  • Suresh Katamreddy
  • Founder & COO, Kastech SSG
  • suresh@kastechssg.com