Helping you to achieve true business transformation with innovative solutions based on Robotic Process Automation.

For the past several years, Kastech’s focus has been on delivering innovative Digital Transformation solutions leveraging Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in combination with other digital technologies such as AI, ML, smart OCR, etc. and intelligent integration to help you achieve true business transformation that ensures quick ROI. Currently, we are doing this through KTech Products LLC, one of our subsidiaries that was incorporated in 2019 with the sole objective of building digital transformational products and solutions.

Our partnership with leading digital technologies such as UiPath, Automation Anywhere, PowerApps, Power Automate and ABBYY have helped us build powerful solutions addressing our clients’ pain points while transforming their businesses for improved efficiency, growth and ROI.

Key Highlights of our RPA Solutions


Low Risk, Non-Invasive Technology

  • RPA can be overlaid on existing systems
  • Allows creation of a platform compatible with ongoing developments in sophisticated algorithms and machine learning tools


Accuracy and Reliability

  • Ensures the right result, decision or calculation in the very first time
  • Identical processes and tasks, eliminating output variations
  • No sick days, services round the clock
  • Fully maintained logs essential for compliance


Flexibility and Scalability

  • Can be easily used in combination with other digital technologies such as AI, ML and IoT
  • Can be used across industries as it follows procedures in use
  • Instant ramp up and down to match demand peaks and drops


Improved ROI

  • Takes care of the repetitive, time-consuming tasks
  • Free up human resources for higher value tasks
  • ROI can be realized in less than a year from go-live


Rapid Implementation

  • RPA solutions delivered using rapid implementation methodologies
  • Delivery timeline can be as less as 1-3 months based on the complexity of the business processes
  • All delivered solutions are supported with our managed services.


Right Shoring

  • Geographical independence without business case impact
  • Blended delivery using onshore, nearshore and offshore resources
  • Cost effective service delivery

Kastech Differentiators

  • RPA practice built on the knowledge and expertise gained in the past 12+ years working across technologies, business processes and industries
  • Partnership with the leading technologies in this field
  • Dedicated company (KTech Products) and team to grow our RPA practice
  • Focus on continuous innovation; our solutions represent perfect amalgamation of RPA with other technologies such as AI, ML, smart OCR, intelligent integration and IoT concepts
  • Can address any business process related challenges
  • Rapid deployment; Quick ROI

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