Kastech’s proprietary products and tools to accelerate projects and ensure greater and quicker ROI.

Leveraging our decade-long experience in providing various IT services and solutions, we have built several products / tools to accelerate Implementation Projects, Upgrade Projects, Migration Projects, Solution enhancements, Incorporation of new modules/business processes, and Infrastructure monitoring. Currently, all these products and several more in the pipeline and at various stages of development are handled by Skyline Innovations – Kastech’s in-house product development division that comprises some of the brightest minds of our organization.

These products/tools add value to existing projects and ensure higher ROI within a short period of time. We have built these products and tools as technology agnostic, which means these tools are compatible with leading enterprise applications and technology platforms.

Core Products & Tools


MigEZ – Data Conversion and Migration Tool

  • End-to-end Data Migration
  • Legacy Data Mapping Provisions
  • Robust Data Cleansing
  • Data Preparations & Validations
  • Handles Large Data Volumes
  • User Friendly Dashboards


SNAP – Server, Network, Application Performance Monitoring

  • Single platform/console for all round monitoring
  • Works with both on-premise and cloud applications
  • Real-time Alerts & Notifications
  • Monitoring through time series and logs
  • Easy to integrate across new applications and APIs


Data Cube – Data Analytics as-a-Service

  • Cost-effective & simpler alternative to licensed and on-premise data analytics solutions
  • Data Acquisition to Visualization & Interaction
  • Analytical Apps generating concrete data analytic workflows
  • Integrates with External Data Sources


IntiGrid – Intelligent Integration

  • Single scalable platform for all integrations
  • Built-in integration connectors
  • Easy-to-use, self service interface
  • Environment agnostic
  • One hub for all data
  • Unlimited data scaling


Leapfrog – Lift & Shift

  • Simple, technology-independent solution to migrate servers & applications to the cloud
  • Connect to any on-prem environment through a VPN tunnel
  • End-to-end automation; Minimum downtime
  • Minimizes manual effort & migration issues


LogIQ – Analytics driven Data Platform

  • Real time data analytics with no latency
  • Integrate with any enterprise application to extract the user activity
  • Interactive visualizations and dashboards
  • Requires no code on the application side

Kastech Differentiators

  • Products and accelerators built on the knowledge and expertise gained in the past 12+ years across technologies and industries
  • These products/tools cover critical project areas such as data migration, test automation, integration automation, and real-time analytics
  • Being Technology agnostic, our products and tools are compatible with all leading enterprise applications and platforms
  • Ensures quicker ROI on projects
  • Supported by a dedicated Center of Excellence comprising of 50+ experienced and certified IT professionals
  • Flexible support model

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