Creating immersive digital experiences using Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

Kastech specializes in providing all software and applications required to deliver top notch XR (Extended Reality experience) for meeting the key objectives of “Learn, Train and Perform” in all industry landscapes. Currently, we are providing AR &VR solutions through imaginX, one of our subsidiaries that was incorporated in 2019 with the sole objective of building a practice in XR space.

Our partnership and experience working with leading technologies such as Maya, Unity, Arkit, Unreal Engine, Steam VR, Oculus, WebGL, and Vuforia have been helping us build powerful solutions addressing our client needs in AR and VR space.

AR & VR Use Cases


Immersive Learning Solutions

  • Set-up Virtual Augmented Reality Lab
  • Platform agnostic AVR application for K-12 and Higher Ed
  • XR Mobile App
  • Training platform integration
  • Voice driven Digital Assistant for XR Interaction (Patented Technology)


Staff Training & Job Performance

  • Control Room Simulation
  • Simulation and Dissection
  • VR Room/Lab
  • AVR application for Real-time Object Detection
  • AVR application for Image & QR Code Scanning


Virtual Tours

  • Sophisticated Virtual Tours of real-estate and land development projects
  • Virtual tours of office campus/workshop/facility
  • Virtual tours of building design plans

Kastech Differentiators

  • Dedicated company (imaginX) and team to grow our AR & VR practice
  • Partnership with the leading technologies in this field
  • Focus on continuous innovation; our solutions bring together various digital technologies such as AR and VR, AI, ML, intelligent integration and IoT concepts
  • Have built several AR/VR assets that can be customized to meet your specific needs in learning, training and job performance
  • Several immersive learning solutions built on the knowledge and expertise gained in the past 12+ years working with various academia and industry clients
  • Rapid deployment; Quick ROI

For more information about our AR & VR Practice, write to us at: