Workday vs. PeopleSoft which is right for your business?

The goal of (PeopleSoft and Workday) software development is to standardize business processes and improve organizational competence.

There are hundreds of vendors that are at a war for the piece of HR and Finance software market. Out of all those big and small companies competing in the market, there is a tooth and nail fight between PeopleSoft and Workday to capture the future market. The epic battle between them is to capture the market share value and upgrade the features to the best. Nevertheless, of their competition, the marginal gap in their market share is, with Workday capturing 8.97 percent and PeopleSoft at 8.5 percent.

Either one of them is a strong choice with a loyal customer base and brings a lot of effectiveness into the system when you opt for them. Both provides solid and global end to end HR, and Finance solutions. The objective behind designing the (PeopleSoft and Workday) software is to standardize the business process and to enhance the organizational competence.

Let us delve deep into the specification of both in detail:

Both, PeopleSoft and Workday are defined and determined in developing next-generation enterprise-grade technology in the cloud, which can eliminate the up-front investment and annual maintenance fees that inherent in traditional software implementations.

How Are They Similar to Each Other?

Both are strong players in the HR and Finance market. PeopleSoft is basically a product from a global enterprise technology leader, Oracle. Their focus on integrated systems enabled them as one of the most modern and comprehensive providers of business software around the globe. But, any which ways, Workday is also recognized as a thought leader in the industry. Irrespective of the reasons, they are still battling for the larger market share.

The PeopleSoft has planned to migrate to the cloud-based model because of its astounding popularity in the market in the last few years. This has enabled the software to access from any place and any device just with a single click. This software is up to run on the Oracle cloud, which is safe and secure for data compilation. This proprietary change facilitates enormous benefits for Peoplesoft Users. To get into the store Workday is connected with IBM to accelerate their storage and computing efficiency.

Both the companies are planning to incorporate machine learning and AI to make their software work better and faster.

How Are They Different From Each Other?

Let us examine how they are different from each other.

Deployment & updates

Deployment Options-is one of the basic differences between PeopleSoft and Workday. Workday is mostly structured with cloud deployment, which facilitates every user with the latest version, as the functionality upgrades are done automatically. Another great perk of Workday is-it has invested in software partnerships to expand their native integration offerings, which can hook their services to Slack, Salesforce, and many other necessary business tools.

PeopleSoft also provides cloud deployment, but it has to be purchased in an on-premise and private cloud implementation. Although Peoplesoft releases the updates regularly, the users have to choose the updates they prefer to run; it doesn’t happen automatically. This selective model enables users to control and maintain their updates.

It is always better to assess the availability of IT and support from the company you are opting for the deployment.

The CRM Difference

The CRM PeopleSoft is offering is basically Oracle built, it is intrinsically intertwined with the other management applications of PeopleSoft. It can also be customized to fit into the sales, marketing or service sectors based on the clients’ requirements. Business Process Management solutions are also available within this CRM, which enables users to set up orders, workflows and automate the processes with ease.

Workday is not offering any native CRM application for now. But they have made an agreement with the cloud computing leader Salesforce to offer native integrations between the two companies via the Salesforce Service Cloud.

Analytics and Reporting

For the business benefits of the customers, most of the companies along with PeopleSoft and Workday have included the analytics and reporting into their features for the flexibility of the users. But both the companies have a different approach to this. PeopleSoft has incorporated this feature into each of its tools, enabling users with analytical data. PeopleSoft access is limited to internal data accessibility. On the other hand, Workday Analytics tool provides access to outside data sources and build the analytic reports within Workday. This is one of the elevating features of the software.

User Interface

User Interface is the area where Workday is at its best with intuitive design. It is built on modern architecture and is also equipped with a consumer UI that is built for the web. Workday has strived hard to enable a single experience across mobile, tablets, and desktop views, to its users. The User Interface is developed to adapt the latest designs without the user touching the core functionality.

The Fluid User Interface was introduced by PeopleSoft. The adaption from a desktop app to the responsive mobile ready environment is a bit challenging, but PeopleSoft overcame it by training the users with the new UI. However, this change was necessary, which made PeopleSoft as a thought leader in the niche of cloud-based software.


Both PeopleSoft and Workday are at their best in providing the best-featured software to their customers. It depends on the business requirement and the vertical (HR or Finance) you want to adapt the software to, helps you in deciding on the best one.

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